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Identify AI use cases with the quickest return

Posted by Ian Tibot, Chief Product Officer on October 12 2023

This blog is an excerpt from Future Anthem’s recently launched playbook: How sportsbooks can lead with AI. Grab a copy here.

We recommend viewing AI as an enabler for your existing teams to deliver in a more personalised way, at scale.

You’re not changing what you are trying to achieve – rather AI should be seen as a co-pilot. It should be incorporated seamlessly into existing workflows and systems rather than introducing yet another login for operational teams to use. 

Your content management team has always tried to create the best possible experience with the tools they have been given – they can now leverage AI to do things at scale that were never possible before.  

AI can assist in making informed decisions and scaling operations using the vast amounts of player data you already have. For example, AI could identify real-time audiences to enable personalised marketing campaigns.

This helps marketing teams build relevant content for these new audiences with AI scaling an already successful process. This approach helps identify new opportunities for improving the player experience through personalisation and deliver benefits quickly. 

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Operators should focus on high-value use cases that require minimal internal investment and roadmap dependencies and use AI to double down in these areas. Beginning with manageable steps allows for tangible results and a justifiable return on investment. 

Amplifying successes allows you to justify investment easily. Rather than building out a 3-year product vision with a myriad of dependencies which is hard to validate until the end, operators can utilise third-party products to prove the value of being AI-driven right now.


Proven use cases

Frame 752 (2)Here are just a few examples of how Future Anthem’s product, Amplifier AI has quickly delivered clear value:

Increase active player base by preventing churn in real-time: Drive revenue by increasing the speed and accuracy with which marketing can engage customers who are at risk of leaving your business. Amplifier AI predicts churn 99% faster than traditional approaches.

Retain valuable players with personalised bonus strategies: Reduce your player retention costs while increasing bonus adoption rates by bonusing the right amount for every player — Anthem has seen an 80% continuation of play for players who are likely to churn.

Increase your marketing engagement with 1-to-1 personalised communications: Tailor messages and interventions with personalised content or bets — Amplifier AI is increasing email engagement with over 50% open rate on personalised marketing messages.

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Generate highly targeted audiences in real-time: Create personalised audiences in the moments that matter — Amplifier AI is increasing app open rate by 200% when targeting with real-time personalised audience segments.

Acquire better players for less: Reduce CPAs and focus on increasing ROI using your own first-party data to target similar customer profiles through display advertising.

Grow revenues sustainably by identifying risky sessions in real-time: React in real-time to risky player behaviours within each session —Anthem finds serious problematic players before the average operator, 72% of the time.


Learn more in Future Anthem’s recently launched playbook.

It walks you through 3 essential steps you need to join the race to real-time personalisation in the pursuit of outpacing your competition. 

If you’re interested in how AI personalisation can build competitive advantage that will help you grow and succeed responsibly, click here to download a copy

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Ready to make the leap to AI? We’d be glad to consult you at any step of your journey and show you how real-time personalisation will superpower your player experience.   

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