The Essential Guide to AI

How sportsbooks can lead with AI:
A 3-step playbook to win the
race to real-time personalisation

The sports betting industry is poised to become one of the next major verticals revolutionised by artificial intelligence.

We’re urging sportsbooks to get ahead of the pack with this playbook to find out how they can win.


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In this free playbook, you'll find:


✅ A practical guide on how to successfully lead and embed AI within your strategy and organisation
✅ An in-depth exploration of strategic goal alignment and measurement – and why early tangible successes are important

Six real use cases and examples of how AI can personalise every step of the player journey

A detailed step-by-step breakdown on how to build a successful business case for AI (including how to speak the language of your CFO)

✅ A bonus deep dive into the build or buy conundrum - AI is moving too fast to just pick one



Kickstart your AI roadmap now to join the race to real-time personalisation, download the playbook to get started.

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Amplifier AI has a track record of achieving remarkable uplifts to
every step of the player journey

10% NGR increase

with personalised bonuses 

2.5% uplift in customer retention

for weekly player retention

3x improved engagement 

with personalised recommendations

72% earlier serious problematic play identification

versus typical operators 

99% quicker churn prediction

than traditional approaches


200% increased app open rate

from push notifications