Sustainable Play

Amplifier AI

Engage players with sustainable experiences

React in real-time to risky player behaviours within each session across sports and casino


Quicker identification

On average Amplifier AI finds serious problematic
players before typical operators 60-70% of the time



Reduced risk with interventions

Reduction in Unified Risk Score for players who have received a personalised pop-up two weeks previously


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Engage players with sustainable experiences

Here are some of the quick-to-deploy features of Amplifier AI.

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Personalised risk monitoring of every session

Real-time personalised risk monitoring uses a customer’s player behaviour as a baseline for risk — not a rules based system


Real-time interventions

Thousands of interventions sent

Configurable feeds that can be integrated to deliver real-time player messages

"Future Anthem’s real-time personalised risk scoring engine will work in parallel with our own in-house Prediction Model to ensure the highest level of protection for our players. "

Eduards Jakubovs, Head of Responsible Gaming, Betsson Group

Betsson utilise Amplifier AI for Casino

React in real-time

3 simple steps to Amplifier AI's Sustainable Play

Step 1


Be informed in the moments that matter

In real-time or batch, Amplifier AI can be alerted to different behavioural changes for every player, based on their individual baseline

ai trigger


Step 2


Flexible approach

Amplifier AI can be delivered and utilised in a way that best suites internal teams (e.g. CS or compliance) and empower them to make better decisions



Step 3


High-risk player interventions

Personalised data points: Messaging is tailored to every player with clear explainability. This can be show to the player in real-time or batch.


Positive-play interventions*

Positive Play Score: Benchmarking every player to create a Positive Play Score that provide a baseline against previous and future activity

* Coming soon


Always monitoring:
In-session explainability

Amplifier AI can see what happens within every player session in real-time and creates a bespoke unified score as a comparable baseline

unified score


Unlock clear explainability

Receive detailed rationale behind the determinations made by Amplifier AI


Dive into every session

In just one click you can dive into every spin, every session, time of day and total spend

What you'll get

Included with Amplifier AI's Sustain module

React in real-time to risky player behaviours within each session across sports and casino, here's what you get out of the box:

Configurable feeds that can be integrated to deliver real-time player messages

Cold start algorithms to predict player behaviour from their first session and encourage long-term sustainability

Individual risk & impact monitoring in PowerBI to detect personalised risky player behaviours

Complete player histories, down to the risk score of every spin, in every session

Self-serve visualisation to review and compare the risky sessions of every game your players play

Press Release

Future Anthem and Gamesys collaborate on player protection initiative

Future Anthem joined forces with Gamesys a Bally’s Corporation Company, on a landmark R&D initiative, analysing the extent to which player markers of harm may be related to the games that players choose to play.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What data is required?

Anthem will require mandate access to all betting transactions and optional access to price feed, bonus transactions and deposit transactions. Our team of onboarding experts will be on hand to help you understand the most efficient and secure way to get this to us.

How does pricing work?

Amplifier AI is tiered according to the volume of your data. This means that operators of all sizes can instantly realise value. During your demo, your specialist will walk you through the options available to you.

Can I see a demo?

We'd love to show you the power of Amplifier AI. Use the meeting form at the above to book your 30-minute demo.

Who do you work with?

Amplifier AI is enjoyed by some of the world's most innovative operators including STS. Check out our customer page to learn more about our success stories.

Is my data secure?

The integrity of your data is paramount to us. For this reason, we chose Microsoft Azure as our platform provider because of its uncompromising approach to security and privacy. For more details of our security posture, please click here.

How long does it take to get live?

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure you start extracting value in as little as 3-4 weeks.