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Future Anthem launches new Acquire module to personalise media buying and player retargeting with AI

Posted by Ian Tibot, Chief Product Officer on August 15 2023

New Acquire module for market-leading personalisation product Amplifier AI fulfils the Future Anthem vision to personalise every step of the player journey across casino and sports betting

Future Anthem announces the launch of Acquire after a successful beta phase — a ground-breaking module that enables operators to optimise player acquisition, retargeting, and reactivation campaigns like never before.

Acquire joins Retain, Sustain, and Optimise as the final module in the Amplifier AI product suite, providing operators with end-to-end personalisation across the player journey.

Future Anthem’s Chief Product Officer, Ian Tibot, explains, "To date our personalisation solutions have been tied to onsite experiences; with the Acquire module this now extends offsite and starts even before a player joins one of our clients.

With AI generated look-a-like player behavioural profiles directly integrated to DSPs, Acquire leverages transactional player data to optimise acquisition spend as well as to retarget and reactivate players. This is another example of market-leading innovation brought by the brilliant team at Future Anthem - using AI to move media buying from optimising costs to optimising value."

amplifier AI graphic modules (1)Amplifier AI's 4 modules


Current Challenges for Casino and Sports Operators

Acquiring and retaining valuable players has always been a significant challenge for operators. Traditional acquisition methods involve allocating funds to different channels and testing them over time, leading to high costs and often uncertain results.

Additionally, understanding the true value of newly acquired players requires time-consuming analysis and often leads to delays in decision-making.


Benefits of the Amplifier AI Acquire module

The Acquire module addresses these challenges by leveraging AI and player transactional data to deliver the following benefits:

1. Reduced CPA (Cost per Acquisition): Acquire focuses on optimising the acquisition flow to bring in better players for lower cost. By utilising AI and predicting Lifetime Value (LTV) for every player, Anthem is helping operators achieve a lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and improve their return on ad spend (ROAS).

2. Precise Audience Targeting: By analysing valuable player profiles based on their transactional data, Acquire enables operators to target audiences more accurately, leading to more effective and efficient campaigns.

3. Enhanced Retargeting and Reactivation: The module allows operators to run automated retargeting campaigns for high-intent traffic and fast-reactivation campaigns for churned players, maximising player engagement.


Moving Forward

Future Anthem is committed to continuously enhancing the Acquire module based on real-world feedback and data insights. As the module matures, the company plans to expand its offering to include additional features that further improve player acquisition and retention strategies.

Ian Tibot shares his excitement about the product's potential, saying, "We're approaching the industry in a very holistic manner. With Acquire, we can optimise not just for CPA, but also for the overall value generated by player acquisition efforts. It's a transformative shift from optimising costs to increasing ROAS, and we're confident that Acquire will have a significant positive impact on our clients' operations."

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About Future Anthem

Future Anthem humanises data with their all-in-one product, Amplifier AI, to personalise the player experience for everyone. Utilising quick-to-deploy modules across the entire player journey, Future Anthem harnesses real-time machine learning to onboard and retain customers responsibly.

Trusted by the world’s leading gambling operators and studios – including STS, Betsson, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, and Eyecon – Anthem was named Data & AI Partner of the Year at the 2022 EGR B2B Awards and Software Rising Star in 2021. Future Anthem was also selected for the highly coveted Tech Nation Applied AI 3.0 Growth Programme.