About Future Anthem

Future Anthem is the market leader in Game Data Science.

We use machine learning to provide actionable intelligence to help our customers grow responsibly with measurable improvements that enhance the player experience for everyone.

Quality of service, independence, trust and deep expertise are at the heart of everything we do. We’re at the beginning of our journey and already our customers and their players are enjoying the sound of our tunes.

Our approach

Get the most from your game

Our products analyse and predict how players engage with games while our solutions empower operators and studios to optimise their content portfolios.

Understanding behaviours

The Anthem team believes that understanding behaviours with a data lens is fundamental to providing an engaging and responsible player experience.

Responsible growth

We aim to help our customers grow responsibly in a competitive marketplace, collaborating with their teams to improve the experience for their players.

Our Story

Where it all began

Future Anthem was established to play a new tune in the global gambling industry. With talent at its heart and data in its veins, the team at Future Anthem aims to innovate and create with data science, helping the sector grow responsibly.

The gambling industry is a tremendous combination of technology, entertainment, risk, regulation, eCommerce, finance and social interaction. Data runs throughout. Our focus is game data.

In a competitive marketplace, using game data to optimise your games is key to engaging and retaining players responsibly. 

Our Story

Anthem's vision

Future Anthem’s vision is to listen closely to game data and create tunes that improve the player experience for everyone.

Our mission is to help our customers amplify their game with Game Data Science as a Service.

Collaborating with both casino operators and game studios, we process billions of game transactions at scale to analyse and predict player and game behaviours.

Our values

Action orientated

We are meticulous and driven by measurable results, actions and the impact of our work.

Data Driven

Increasing our knowledge of our customers, games and their players is central to our collective success.


Providing quality service to our customers and their players is key to our rhythm.


We create sustainable and socially responsible innovations. 


Trust amongst the team, our partners and our customers is key to our existence.


We advocate transparency to create the best environment for knowledge sharing. 


We work flexibly, both as a team and with our clients. We adapt to your priorities.


We are not affiliated or owned by any company in the gambling industry.

Our leadership team


Leigh Nissim

CEO & Founder

After 15 years of leadership experience in the global gaming industry, I wanted to listen to games in a way that would improve gaming experiences for everyone. Hence Future Anthem was born - to create new tunes that help the industry grow responsibly. As you’ve probably guessed, music is a passion, along with my fitness, hair and family.


Chris Conroy

Chief Data Officer

I've been leading the charge on data science within gaming for years, and I joined Future Anthem to deliver machine learning to the industry at a truly vast scale. Building teams is my passion, and I'm obsessive about enabling them to drive us forward, with cutting edge tech at their disposal. My anthems are techno, football and beer, mixed with a sample of poker.


Dr Edmond Mitchell

Lead Data Scientist

I am a Data Scientist with a PhD in Machine Learning with both postdoctoral and commercial research experience. I have spent the last four years working with state-of-the-art cloud technology to solve complex big data problems such as building some of the first Responsible Gambling models. When not trying to innovate in the RG domain I am a keen footballer, snowboarder and Weiss beer enthusiast.


Asaf Cohen

VP, Sales

I've spent the last 12 years leading Sales and Customer Success teams in the online betting and gambling space. It was as a software developer that I found my passion for the amazing power of data and the outcomes it can achieve. When I'm not in a Zoom meeting, I love flying drones, rowing too early in the morning, taking pictures (@asafco on Instagram) and raising two enthusiastic Arsenal fans.


Oliver Hansard

Non-Executive Director

I have worked and scaled businesses in more than 20 countries around the world including China, Brazil, the USA and most of Europe. I was a key member of the senior management team that took the Tesco owned data science consultancy dunnhumby from c.£5M profit in 2002 to c.£90M profit in 2014. Additionally, I spent two years working as Vice President of Data Services at Liberty Global, Europe’s leading cable company.

Mitchelll Profile (2)

Mitchell Feldman


I have been at the forefront of B2B tech for 30+ years and have built and sold businesses to some of the world’s largest tech companies. I have a love for modern marketing, including marketing tech and brand. I am a failed DJ, average cyclist, frustrated poker player and a hopeful Arsenal fan.

Some of our clients

We're delighted to be working with these leading & progressive gaming companies amongst our customers: