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Guides and Research

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Sports just got personal

Amplifier AI is now for Sports

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State of Online Gambling

Learn how the Gambling industry truly feels about the current state-of-play

State of Online Gambling 2022: Data Edition

As a pioneer in the sector, using game data science and AI to improve the player experience, the team at Future Anthem were keen to take a pulse on the industry.

State of Online Gambling 2021

Along with our partners Gaming Intelligence, presented here are some headlines from the results of our State of Online Gambling 2021 survey. We hope you enjoy the summary.

Tune Into Data 

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Responsible Gambling - What do the UKGC changes really mean?

Failings in consistency around customers’ responsible gambling experience is one of the key issues to resolve for upcoming regulatory changes, according to global strategic advisory business Regulus Partners.


AI and Azure: how a data scientist analyses 45 billion spins

Here's a chance to lift the lid on how our data scientists operate – to find out about the tools, processes and technology we utilise – as we hear from Future Anthem’s Ed Mitchell, Jorge Brasil, and Younes Sandi.


The Netflix way — design products with data

Data-driven design is more than simply alliteration. The last 20 years has seen big tech and large e-commerce businesses such as Netflix and Ocado embrace data-driven design and, as a result, catapulted them to unicorn status due to their laser focus on the intelligent use of customer data.


Thrilling your Customers with Data

The online event involved a discussion around the topic of 'Thrilling your Customers with Data' with our special guest, Paul Bolt who is the CMO of the tech giant, Microsoft UK, along with our very own VP of Sales, Asaf Cohen, and our Chief Data Scientist, Chris Conroy.


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