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Increased NGR

Real-time churn prevention & personalised, in the moment bonusing

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Reduction of churn

Real-time player interaction can prevent 24% of potential user churn with an 84% model accuracy

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Increased app open rate

Real-time personalisation can boost app open rates by up to 200% with personalised audiences

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1 hour

Saved per day

Leveraging automation, CRM team members can achieve a daily time savings of 1 hour

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"My daily routine starts with Amplifier AI's Optimise module — deeply understanding our game performance and player behaviours. The RAW team lives and breathes the behavioural analytics, it underpins our game roadmaps and customer launches."

Tom Wood, CEO, RAW

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Case study

The world’s leading gambling brands utilise Amplifier AI

Take a look at some of the brands transforming their business with Amplifier AI's modules.

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AI that personalises every step of the player journey

Here are some of the quick-to-deploy features of Amplifier AI.

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Understand the player behaviours that drive your revenue. Learn more →


Learn how to drive revenue growth & increase player retention

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