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AI is an enabler, not a standalone strategy

Posted by Ian Tibot, Chief Product Officer on September 28 2023

This blog is an excerpt from Future Anthem’s recently launched playbook: How sportsbooks can lead with AI. Grab a copy here.

AI should be the driver of a single personalised player experience - not a separate strategy

This seemingly simple reminder is where many stumble at the start of their AI journey, and critical to get right from the onset. AI must align with the overarching strategic goals of your business. Without strategic alignment, any implementation runs the risk of growing overly complex and muddled, hindering the ability to realise its true benefits before it gets off the ground. 

It’s important to note that pursuing AI implementation merely for the sake of checking a box is not advisable.

In our experience, creating a standalone “AI project” is not the route to success, as it may prove challenging to get buy-in and sustain engagement with the very people in your organisation who will stand to gain the most from AI.

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Practical example

In Spotify’s recent earnings report, three key metrics are cited as the biggest indicators of progress, namely:

  1. Total Monthly Active Users (MAUs)
  2. Ad-Supported MAUs
  3. Premium Subscribers.
Spotify is renowned for its applications of AI throughout its experience, but it is still cold-hard business KPIs that they measure their success against. 

It is not enough to aim for ‘better player engagement’ or a “personalised player experience”. Be more specific. What are your organisations three key metrics? Align AI benefits against these so you stay laser focused.


Measuring Effectiveness

By aligning measurement with an overarching strategy, it is much easier to find and demonstrate value. Once the wheels begin turning, we are confident that you will never want to revert to a world without AI in your business. 

Measuring the impact of AI in a consistent way to how your organisation measures success today is crucial to ensure that you are focused on delivering improved player experiences.

Focusing early on tangible use cases like Player Acquisition, Bet Recommendation, or Real-Time Churn Prevention is the best path forward to quantify the impact of using AI and use this as a springboard to expand.


Learn more in Future Anthem’s recently launched playbook.

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