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The million-dollar question: do you build or buy AI?

Posted by Ian Tibot, Chief Product Officer on November 02 2023

This blog is an excerpt from Future Anthem’s recently launched playbook: How sportsbooks can lead with AI. Grab a copy here.

The big decision with any major technology shift comes down to whether you build internally or buy capabilities. This depends on various factors, including expertise, time sensitivity, and opportunity cost.  

AI will certainly have a place within every business’ core IP (intellectual property) but that doesn’t mean that your businesses must build an entirely custom AI tech stack. Getting this balance right will be crucial to your future business success, given the paramount importance of speed in today’s landscape. 

Some will look to build everything in-house, as they have with push notifications to CRM systems; however, the cost of building and maintenance is a burden that slows organisations down and impacts the player experience over the long term. In a world driven by AI with improvements in technology appearing every week, the decisions around what to build, and what to buy, are not as clear-cut as before. 

Just saying that ‘we’ll build that ourselves’ while an initiative languishes on the backlog will no longer be acceptable. Leading businesses are adopting an approach that allows them to accelerate their progress and be first-to-market to provide the best-in-class player experiences that building cannot compete with.

Why a collaborative approach is the smartest way to get live with AI

Collaborating with external experts, like Future Anthem, is the smart, and often only choice in order to accelerate priorities in an efficient manner.

Anthem’s machine-learning models have processed more player hours than any individual operator could likely achieve — this provides a level of depth and accuracy to the models that couldn’t otherwise be replicated in-house. 

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It enables faster implementation of AI-driven solutions while mitigating risks associated with potential losses or missed opportunities. AI additions can be implemented in collaboration with your existing data teams to tailor solutions to existing requirements while increasing buy-in. 

Time sensitivity – the race is on 

Sportsbooks are continually faced with tough prioritisation, whether it be preparing for an upcoming season, promoting major sporting events or being first-to-market in a newly regulated state or country. For many, this has put player personalisation on the back burner, never getting the resourcing it requires. 

However, recent AI innovation, impact and scale have made it impossible to ignore. Investors want answers and, more importantly, players’ demands will increase as fast as the technology improves.  

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Delaying the implementation will now become the differentiator between those who win, and those who lose players to competitors. 

There’s no valid reason not to collaborate with external experts, who can quickly demonstrate ROI. AI is no longer a nice to have, but an industry standard. 

Ready, set, go. 

Learn more in Future Anthem’s recently launched playbook.

It walks you through 3 essential steps you need to join the race to real-time personalisation in the pursuit of outpacing your competition. 

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