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AI requires a new methodology - are you ready?

Posted by Ian Tibot, Chief Product Officer on November 22 2023

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Embracing AI: a methodology for success

Is your company interested in reaping the rewards of Artificial Intelligence, but doesn’t know where to start, or what kind of approach to take?  

Building for a world in which AI is prevalent will require an entirely new methodology for how you approach player experiences, how you build and support innovative solutions, and how you roll them out.

Chief Product Officer Ian Tibot sheds light on the essential elements required to embark on this AI journey, outlining the need for a new methodology. This article explores the three vital components for companies when it comes to embracing real-time personalisation and taking advantage of this technology while considering when the right time is to implement real-time systems versus batch processes. 

The Three Essentials to Get Started with AI 

1. A platform for data scientists: This is not the same as a platform used for your daily BI reports. Bringing together all your player data can be a challenge — it is typically held in many disparate systems with many third parties or even on a computer under a desk.

2. Data scientists and engineers: You’ll need Data Scientists and Engineers with the skills to work with this data. There is a requirement for skilled engineers to productionise anything that’s created is arguably the harder skill to find.

3. Product team: Lastly, you also need to have a Product function that can articulate clear requirements for building AI models — this is not the normal skill set of an experienced sportsbook Product Manager.

Navigating the intricate landscape of AI implementation can be a daunting task even with all of these pre-requisites in place, requiring a comprehensive methodology and alignment of your technical capabilities and technology stack.

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Choosing the Right Path for AI Implementation

The decision to embark on the AI journey involves a fundamental choice: build internally or buy capabilities. Several factors influence this decision, such as expertise, time sensitivity, and opportunity cost.

For instance, to deliver a real-time AI solution, you need a platform that can handle huge volumes of data and sophisticated decision engines that can automate player communications – this is a lot of upfront investment that is needed before you even begin working on a use case that improves the player experience.

Collaborating with external experts, such as Future Anthem, emerges as a prudent choice. At Future Anthem, our AI specialists can help you quickly deploy modules across the entire player journey, utilising real-time machine learning to acquire, onboard, and retain customers responsibly. 

Being Driven by Use Cases  

The decision to use real-time or batch data depends on the specific use case and desired outcomes. It's essential to focus on the objective first - not the technology.  

When do you embrace a real-time system, and when is batch enough? 

It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily need real-time data to deliver a real-time experience — utilising daily data in the right way can still make an engagement feel instantaneous. 

The key is to provide instantaneous engagement to players, particularly in the moments that matter to them. Batched data remains relevant for use cases for ‘real-time’ experiences where player behaviour isn't changing rapidly.

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Striking the right balance between real-time and batched data is essential for sportsbooks to leverage the full potential of AI-driven technologies. 

The advantages and results of working in real-time are huge. Take marketing, for instance, where Future Anthem has witnessed a remarkable 200% surge in app opens due to the integration of real-time personalised marketing data. Similarly, in Responsible Gambling, real-time AI surpassed batch models with a remarkable 60-70% faster identification of risky sessions.

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Get Started on Your AI Journey  

The journey into AI implementation requires a holistic approach, combining the right tools, skilled professionals, and a clear vision for the future. Businesses must decide when to adopt real-time AI, understanding that the choice between real-time and batch processes depends on specific use cases.  

By embracing AI and making the right choices, companies can leverage this transformative technology to enhance customer experiences and drive success responsibly. 

Many operators are failing to make the most of their data. Be bold. Be innovative. Take steps to utilise your most valuable asset and retain players for longer.  

Start personalising every step of the player journey today.

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