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Understand your players with game data science

Posted by Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder on June 19 2020

It’s easy to sing the same old song. But now it’s time for a new tune.

Despite the industry doing more and more to balance the desire for increased player engagement with responsible gambling obligations, public perception of gambling remains negative.

According to the Gambling Commission’s annual report:

  • Fewer than a third of respondents thought gambling is fair and trustworthy
  • 38 percent of respondents associate gambling with crime
  • 71 percent of respondents think gambling is dangerous for family life

These statistics highlight an image problem for the gambling industry. Too many people think it’s hitting the wrong notes.

We want to change this perception. Through our expertise in data science, we want to create a new rhythm for the gambling industry.

We are Future Anthem. And we help optimise casino game performance with responsible Game Data Science.

Hit the right notes

Gambling is inherently a leisure activity that entertains millions of players across the globe. With the industry constantly improving and adapting to provide players with electrifying, fun experiences.

In particular, online gambling has been rapidly evolving, leading complex financial processing at scale for 25 years, despite increased industry regulation.

With billions of spins every day on games, online casinos and games studios have the vast quantities of data required to improve their player experience. They just need the solutions, tools and processes to understand it.

Whether you are a game studio or casino operator, game data science can help you optimise your games’ performance, user journeys and promotional campaigns with real-time, measurable and actionable intelligence.

This results in increased player engagement, while improving your ability to:

  • Optimise new game launches
  • Recommend the right games to players
  • Increase promotional return on investment
  • Improve game design and portfolio decisions
  • Reduce bonus costs and churn

All while fulfilling responsible gambling and player management obligations.

Harmonise business objectives with responsible gambling obligations

As the UK slowly releases itself from lockdown, it is important that the industry doesn’t lose sight of its responsible gambling obligations.

During lockdown, the industry issued a ’10-point pledge’ establishing the standards expected of members. They also withdrew TV and radio adverts, donating the air time to charities to help combat increased risk of problem gambling due to self-isolation and social distancing.

Yet, just because lockdown is lifting, doesn’t mean the need to do more disappears.

That’s why your organisation should embrace Game Data Science as a key part of your responsible gambling strategy.

Our Game Data Science platform, Anthemetrics, can augment your existing responsible gambling efforts through player behavioural analysis. Meaning you can identify and proactively prevent problem gambling, while retaining top players, reducing churn. After all, high engagement doesn’t necessarily mean a player has a problem.

Join in the Anthem

Amplify your game with Game Data Science.

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