Anthem Safer Play

Raising the standards in Responsible Gambling

Anthem’s Responsible Gambling solution uses state of the art AI to improve online gambling safety for players, operators and studios with the industry’s first independent solution to proactively detect in-session wagering behaviours that indicate harmful play.

Built on Anthemetrics AI, Anthem Safer Play is designed with the latest regulations at its foundation. Using well-established “Markers of Harm” at its core Anthem Safer Play employs bet-level data to provide an in-depth assessment of problem gambling behaviours to equip and augment your teams’ capability to detect at-risk play, directly from in-game activity.

Why Anthem Safer Play?

Identify risky play earlier

Anthem Safer Play finds risky play earlier and identifies behaviourally similar sessions often not picked up by traditional models, allowing your teams to pinpoint interventions to encourage players to gamble responsibly.

Armed with advanced machine learning models that cluster players in a multidimensional space, Anthem Safer Play identifies betting patterns and session characteristics that indicate problematic behaviour and predicts the future risk of players, allowing you to stay in line with best practice and ahead of the latest regulations. 

Problematic behaviour is based on the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) and references the Gamble Aware/PWC research on Markers of Harm amongst others. These patterns are also analysed at game level to understand how games features or configurations affect the risk profile of players.

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Practical AI

Our Game Data Science products are designed to operate efficiently and simply, either in real time or in sync with your operations

Targeted actions

Pinpoint and automate player interventions with additional risk profiles to reduce player harm and false positives

BI & Reporting

Add scores to current reporting to identify sessions, times of day, campaigns and games that identify risky play

Customer Support

Add alerts for your representatives to take fast and early action to bring players back to the safe zone


Improve the player experience by explaining why you’ve scored their sessions as risky with clear labels


Show games that are safer for players who show tendencies for risky sessions to reduce their risk profile


Append campaign IDs to understand which acquisition campaigns are driving riskier traffic to game play


Tie risk scores to affordability to create frictionless player journeys and improve the player experience


Use the risk scores to influence your product decisions and games roadmaps

Press Release

Partnership with Entain plc: Safer Gambling Initiative

We are delighted to announce our Safer Gambling initiative with Entain plc (LSE:ENT) - a FTSE100 company and one of the world's largest sports betting and gaming groups, operating both online and in the retail sector.

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Future Anthem and Gamesys present new research

Future Anthem and Gamesys have partnered to analyse the extent to which player markers of harm may be related to the games that players choose to play.

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Game Play: The next frontier for Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling technology is evolving at pace. In just a few short years, industry practices have progressed from Excel and SQL databases to machine learning algorithms.

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