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The race to real-time personalisation is now: a view from Future Anthem's CEO

Posted by Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder on September 22 2023

This blog is an excerpt from Future Anthem’s recently launched playbook: How sportsbooks can lead with AI. Grab a copy here.


The race to real-time personalisation is now.

Your players expect entertainment experiences that meet the standards set by the likes of Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon. Gambling is no different from other forms of media, and sports betting is at the ideal intersection of media, e-commerce, and entertainment.

It is poised to be the next industry primed for transformation by game-changing personalisation.


The data speaks for itself

In the last year alone, Anthem’s Amplifier AI has processed roughly 700 million bets across a multitude of diverse behavioural profiles, countries, and platforms.

The results are irrefutable — the race to real-time personalisation is already well underway amongst the leaders in the space.

AI is a necessary component in keeping up – in fact, it’s the only way sportsbooks are successfully tackling personalisation at scale – something that Anthem has observed from leading businesses in the sector.

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Winning operators are taking progressive steps to utilise their data and the latest AI technologies to personalise player experiences, and the best of them do it in real-time. 

75-90% of players have a tenure of less than 60 days and the quality of the player experience falls far short of where the technology can enable it to be. Effective and automated personalisation delivered through AI brings benefits throughout the entire player journey, starting from acquisition through to retention and optimisation.


The good news

The good news is that AI-driven personalisation is much simpler and quicker to implement than might initially appear.

Rest assured, as experts in this field, we have made sure that with well-defined use cases, clear objectives, and proper planning success is within reach.

The journey towards real-time personalisation can be navigated with confidence, leading to a transformation that aligns with your business goals and delivers unparalleled player experiences.

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It’s also important to note that while the application of AI achieves positive commercial outcomes, your goal should be to do this in a sustainable and ethical manner. Regulations are increasingly focusing on marketing, requiring real-time risk identification for responsible gambling.

Consumers are aware that their data is valuable and therefore respect organisations that treat it positively and securely. 

We’re excited about this next phase of our industry with what AI can achieve – your players should be too. 


Learn more in Future Anthem’s recently launched playbook.

It walks you through 3 essential steps you need to join the race to real-time personalisation in the pursuit of outpacing your competition. 

If you’re interested in how AI personalisation can build competitive advantage that will help you grow and succeed responsibly, click here to download a copy

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Ready to make the leap to AI? We’d be glad to consult you at any step of your journey and show you how real-time personalisation will superpower your player experience.   

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