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AI Player lifetime value

How to Increase your Casino’s Player Lifetime Value with AI

Posted by Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder on September 09 2020

Big data technology is opening up huge possibilities for personalising player promotions in-game.

Machine learning techniques can be used to understand and classify players’ behaviours based on their previous activity and predict their actions in the future. Based on hundreds of parameters – known as ‘features’ in big data language – analysts can compare actions of players with similar behaviour to predict projected value, churn, end of session, wagers on games, reactivity to Free Spins and much more.

With the right model and approach, studios and operators can identify the players most likely to continue wagering after having played their Free spins, on which game, and what will be the predicted value of the player over future weeks and months. This information can be used to precisely aim the right promotion, at the right player, on the right game, vastly reducing the amount of Free Spins wasted on players chasing bonuses or who are unlikely to continue with the targeted game.

With Free Spins being such a critical tool for the success of games studios, those campaign recommendations should be included directly into the tools which studios offer to operators, along with clear reports on the effectiveness of their campaigns. This will be a strong and clear incentive for operators to use Free Spins on their content, maximising the revenues for everyone and improving the players’ experience.

And this is just the beginning. The same machine learning technics can also be used to pre-emptively identify players ‘at risk’ based on their in-game behaviour, act before the problem becomes critical and exclude those players from promotions.

The next generation of promotion will go beyond the simple offer sent by email. With more than 50% of players opting out of email communications and only a fraction of the remaining players opening the emails, classic CRM techniques of mass mailing have become a blunt and limited tool. To reach the maximum number of players at the right time, promotions will have to happen in real time, while the players are still in game.

With big data technology now capable of receiving, predicting and publishing vast amount of data in mere micro-seconds, a real-time approach to promotions is available today, not tomorrow. Utilising these latest technologies to improve your casino will dramatically increase player engagement and reduce promotional cost, whilst giving a safer and better experience to players.

Many in the entertainment and leisure world are already using advanced AI technologies to increase value for their customers; you only have to look at the success of Netfix and Spotify to see how impactful this technology can be. The gambling world has been slow to jump on the band wagon, arguably due to legacy technologies and competing priorities, although with ever-increasing pressure from competition and regulation, it is now time to plan forward and embrace the future today. Those who join the party too late may find themselves selling horses in a world with cars.

If you’d like to find out how Future Anthem listens to player and game behaviours at scale with the latest technologies and techniques in machine learning, get in touch today.

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