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The first Tune into Data event: Thrilling your Customers with Data

Posted by Future Anthem on June 24 2021

On the 17th of June 2021, Future Anthem held its very first Tune into Data event, and we could not be prouder of the outcome. 

The online event involved a discussion around the topic of 'Thrilling your Customers with Data' with our special guest, Paul Bolt who is the CMO of the tech giant, Microsoft UK, along with our very own VP of Sales, Asaf Cohen, and our Chief Data Scientist, Chris Conroy

Throughout the event, Paul afforded the audience his rich insight and wisdom regarding all things data and personalisation, encouraging companies to take on the mindset that 'data-driven businesses win'.

"It's interesting how organisations need to think about fusing data from the very edge of the core of their business, and then ensuring that teams are powered and trying to leverage and utilise it at the right moment".

The conversation also led to the topic of Microsoft's journey of 'cultural transformation' within the realm of data and personalisation over the last ten years, leading up to what we know as Azure today. Paul mentions the process of 'reinventing and rediscovering what made Microsoft special' and creating a 'beautifully sophisticated suite of services, AI-infused throughout'

"We think of it [Microsoft] as the world's computer".

Watch the video below to experience the pearls of wisdom that Paul, Asaf, and Chris have to offer or you can download the transcript here:


Download the 'Creating a Blueprint for UK Competitiveness' report that Paul refers to in the event:

Download the report

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