Tune into Data – Listen, Act, Optimise

Posted by Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder on May 21 2020

After 15 years working in the gambling industry, I wanted to start a new kind of business to help the sector grow responsibly. With talent at its heart and data in its veins, the team at Future Anthem aims to innovate and create with data science.   

The gambling industry is a tremendous combination of technology, entertainment, risk, regulation, ecommerce, finance and social interaction. Data runs throughout. Our focus is game data.

Bored of the same old songs, I decided to create Tune into Data to curate leading content and community events where practitioners, industry leaders from within and beyond gambling, subject experts and service providers can share insight, debate ethical issues, shape best practice and join together to guarantee the successful future of the gambling sector. 

Tune into Data understands that there is data expertise in each and every corner of the gambling sector and acts as a platform to enable service providers, operators, data leaders and experts from outside of the sector to share their insight.  

Sign up today and join the gambling industry’s data community - Tune into Data.  #singanewsong #tuneintodata