Future Anthem are the Rising Star at the EGR B2B Awards 2021

Posted by Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder on July 08 2021

As Founder and CEO, it can often feel like there are few moments to celebrate as you pace through your day, week, month, and year.   

Today is different - Future Anthem won the prestigious EGR Award for Software Rising Star. 

This is an important opportunity to take a pause, breathe and smile!  

Kudos to the Anthem team and customers – I feel privileged to be leading our business which is achieving great things with game data at scale, using AI and data science to improve the player experience for everyone. 

We’re early on our journey and playing a new tune in the global gambling industry, innovating and creating with data, helping the sector grow responsibly. If you want to listen to our tunes, please follow us on LinkedIn. 

Your happy, smiling founder, Leigh xx