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iGaming NEXT Power Hour: Why data is the new oil and what it means for the gambling industry

Posted by Future Anthem on February 08 2022

Future Anthem was honoured to be included in a recent iGaming NEXT Power Hour talking all things data.  

Hosted by the effervescent, Oisin Lunny, Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder of Future Anthem, and Chris Conroy Chief Data Officer at Future Anthem, discussed for 30 minutes why data is the new oil and what it means for the gambling industry. As a business where data sits at the very heart of what we do, how could we resist not being involved! 

If you are curious as to how the industry is starting to truly embrace AI & Data to create personalised experiences for players, we highly recommend, you watch this video and learn how 2022 and beyond, is going to change the online gambling landscape forever. 

And, if you haven’t already done so, why not complete our State of Online Gambling Survey where you can share your views on how you are using data and then learn from the results which we will publish at the end of March 2022. 

Watch out for more videos coming shortly.... 




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