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Future Anthem releases 3-step playbook enabling sportsbooks to take the lead with AI

Posted by Future Anthem on September 13 2023

Playbook set to guide sportsbooks into a brand-new era of personalisation led by artificial intelligence and machine learning

Future Anthem, the pioneering AI and data science powerhouse, has released its highly anticipated 3-step playbook “How sportsbooks can lead with AI”. The playbook emphasises the urgency for sportsbooks to take the lead with artificial intelligence today as it has become a necessary element to ensure long-term profitability in an increasingly competitive landscape.

The playbook was created by the team behind Anthem’s market-leading personalisation product Amplifier AI and breaks down the key steps that sportsbooks should work through to move artificial intelligence off the roadmap and into players’ hands.

Celebrating its release, Future Anthem CEO Leigh Nissim, said:
We have witnessed a meteoric rise in the use of artificial intelligence in entertainment with the likes of Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon all offering ultra-personalised experiences, creating super-high consumer expectations. There’s no doubt in our minds that the sports betting industry is next – the sector sits at the perfect intersection of media, leisure, and e-commerce. The race to real-time personalisation is on - we’re urging sportsbooks to get ahead of the pack with this playbook to find out how they can win.

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Our ambition was to create a practical guide filled with highly specific and actionable tips and tactics, that can be easily incorporated one step at a time. We are confident that our brand-new playbook will help guide decision-makers across the industry in adopting AI into their daily operations and navigate this new journey with confidence.”

The playbook goes into great detail as to how AI boasts a proven track record of achieving uplifts in every step of the player journey, leading to increases in NGR, player retention, and open rates. Furthermore, Anthem has drawn upon its expertise and knowledge to guide readers on how to best implement AI into their own sportsbooks. The good news, it’s much simpler than it might appear.

In the last year alone, Future Anthem’s Amplifier AI has processed roughly 700 million sports bets across a multitude of diverse behavioural profiles, countries, and platforms. During this time working closely with leading operators, Anthem has observed a meteoric rise in the use of artificial intelligence as more and more sportsbooks are taking progressive steps to utilise their data and the latest AI technologies to personalise player experiences, noting that the most successful ones are already doing it in real-time.

This step-by-step approach covers every key aspect of the process from start to finish including aligning AI to the present strategic objectives, identifying successful use cases with the quickest return, measuring effectiveness, building a business case for your CFO, and choosing whether to build or buy.

You can read the 3-step playbook in its entirety here.

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About Future Anthem

Future Anthem humanises data with their all-in-one product, Amplifier AI, to personalise the player experience for everyone. Utilising quick-to-deploy modules across the entire player journey, Future Anthem harnesses real-time machine learning to onboard and retain customers responsibly.

Trusted by the world’s leading gambling operators and studios – including STS, Betsson, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, and Eyecon – Anthem was named Data & AI Partner of the Year at the 2022 EGR B2B Awards and Software Rising Star in 2021. Future Anthem was also selected for the highly coveted Tech Nation Applied AI 3.0 Growth Programme.