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2024... an EVEN better year!

Posted by Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder on January 12 2024

I’m looking forward to 2024. I find that my karma is always better when the year is even, possibly as I was born in one; or I just don’t like odd numbers. This is why I’m optimistic about my professional and personal prospects for the year ahead, so I’m going to be bold and share my goals.

... Guess what? EVEN will be a big theme – symmetry will be important, as will equality, and progression – all subtle variations of this important word. 

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1. AI Platform

Our team has exciting plans to license access to our real-time platform Amplifier AI to customers so they can extract more value from their data with market-leading technologies for the benefit of their players.   

As well as offering them the same tools that we use to build their machine learning models, our customer licensees will also benefit from the models that we develop too – all in real-time.

I see this step as a mirror of our existing AI modules, opening a second half of our business to complete our symmetry that offers an EVEN, comprehensive AI framework that will significantly extend our leadership position away from anything that exists in the gambling market today.  Watch this space…

2. Single Player Journey

Most companies speak about it, but few achieve it. This year Future Anthem will collapse our glass walls to truly personalise seamlessly across all gaming categories, in real time. We will dissolve any impediments to help our customers personalise across the player journey, from acquisition through to retention, all in a responsible manner to ensure that customer experience is at the top of everyone’s agenda and in line with the latest regulations. Players expect an EVEN better experience across all product categories – you should be able to offer it to them, in real-time, and we will help you achieve this important goalleveraging your data and the power of AI.

3. Product Parity

Whenever we build machine learning models, we always try to ensure that they can operate across all gaming product categories. We will aim to fill any gaps we have across casino, sports and lottery so that it is an EVEN playing field across all.

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4. Diversity

Since inception our team has worked hard to ensure that diversity and equality are at the top of our agenda – everyone is EVEN

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Out of our 44 employees, we count 16 nationalities and 42% female: male ratio (higher than the tech average which is 32%). It is critical to our success that we continue to invest and focus in this area.

5. Organisational Alignment

As your business grows, so do your responsibilities – more products, customers, data, employees, admin etc. Flexing and flowing the organisation according to the influencing factors ahead is important, if not critical. We plan to sharpen our focus, remove unnecessary activities, and measure contribution to accelerate our growth – we want to be EVEN better.

6. Targets

We plan to set ourselves up to grow our revenues whilst improving product margins and profitability. We want to double our revenues (another EVEN number), automating where possible and scaling the products that are already being enjoyed by our customers.

7. People & Culture

Last year our people retention rate was 92%, a stunning statistic that says all you need to know about Future Anthem. My goal is to repay our teams’ commitment with additional investment in our people – more training, improved ways of working, teamware, time off for social responsibility and more. If you want to achieve a positive working environment, everyone in the team needs to be able to touch, identify and articulate your company culture.

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It’s not a thing that appears by magic – it needs work, time, thought and consideration. In Q1 and Q2 I plan to resurface previous activities combined with some new ones to reinforce our culture which we strive to be fresh, positive, inclusive and creative in an urban-edgy kind of way. The environment needs to offer an EVEN, level-playing field for all so that everyone has a VOICE.

8. Personal

Starting with my weight, I’d like to drop from 70kg to 68kg (both EVEN), repay my credit card debt which is the expensive price of starting a business and get my golf handicap down from 13.8 to 12 (EVEN), which will require a monumental shift in how I chip.


There – now I’ve revealed my resolutions, what are yours?

I hope you picked up that I had 8 resolutions – can you guess why? 😉


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