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Future Anthem will show you the future of personalisation with upcoming webinar 0-60: the Race to Real-Time Personalisation

Posted by Leigh Nissim, CEO and Founder on July 13 2023

There’s truly no better time than right now to take the first steps towards transforming your approach to player personalisation. 

The data speaks the truth – we’ve already left the starting line and are excited to bring you along for the race! 

Attendees will also be given the opportunity to take the Race to Real Time Personalisation to the streets, as one lucky viewer will be selected at random to receive a pair of Future Anthem’s signature personalised trainers. 


better trainers 1Our stylish kicks, debuted by the Anthem team at ICE 2023


Take a glimpse into the future of player personalisation with our 0-60 demo session 

Future Anthem’s Chief Product Officer, Ian Tibot, will be hosting the first event in our new demo series, a 45-minute virtual session in which we showcase our all-in-one personalisation product, Amplifier AI in real-time. 

Amplifier AI has achieved phenomenal results for our customers, including 

  • 10% uplift in session NGR on average
    Real-time churn prevention utilises personalised bonuses in real-time.
  • 200% increase in app open rate
    Audience Identifier generates a targeted player list for real-time messages that increase engagement.
  • 3x higher engagement
    Game recommendations are personalised to increase game diversity and engagement.
  • 24% reduction of churn
    Real-time player interaction can recover potential user churn with an 84% model accuracy.

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Anthem’s leading team of experts will showcase our product vision across both casino and sports betting verticals, highlighting the transformative journey that players can experience in their first 60 days with real-time personalisation, powered by Amplifier AI. 

We will also share new features that will help you deeply personalise player experiences, and ultimately answer any questions you may have… in real-time!


Future Anthem’s deep expertise in AI and player personalisation 

Future Anthem are the experts on AI and real-time personalisation. We built the first-ever data science platform for the gambling industry in 2019, paving the way for a personalised data-first approach to acquisition, retention, and player sustainability. We have metadata on over 20,000 casino games and have processed more than 200 billion player transactions to date (that’s equivalent to  45,000 years of player activity!)


Where and when is 0-60: The Race to Real-Time Personalisation happening? 

0-60: The Race to Real-Time Personalisation will be broadcast live online via Teams on Tuesday 25th July at 4 PM BST (GMT+1). We’d love you to join us! 

Register here: