Anthem Amplifier

Build, launch and manage games with confidence

Anthem Amplifier provides a clear insight into player behaviours across your games to optimise portfolio performance and to enhance your product design.

Get the most from your investments and roadmaps by using game data to maximise your chances of success with more effective and efficient portfolio management and game design.

Powered by Anthemetrics AI, Anthem Amplifier provides an in-depth analysis of every bet players' make on your gaming products.

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Amplifier Game Recipes

The secret sauce to better game design

Our proprietary product design methodology clusters games, player behaviours, meta data and in-game data to create recipes that provide the essential ingredients to target specific player behaviours.

Anthem Amplifier is designed to help you build better games, improve game launches, reduce decay rates and grow floor share. Our game recipes are used by studios and operators who aspire to increase their chances of success in a hyper-competitive market.

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Amplifier Dashboards

See how players play your games

Quickly interrogate and see how game performance can be improved with player level behaviours across games.

Our interactive dashboards go deep, allowing your teams to access key on never-before-seen player information. Use our screens or let us feed valuable insights to your internal systems – no operator or studio should miss these data points when managing their game portfolio.

Built for self or managed service, the Amplifier Dashboards equip your teams with the right information and data to quickly help with game design, new game launches and performance management.

Amplifier Recommendations

We're here to help you

Want to know more about RTP, the impact of planned portfolio changes on your player base or designing a new jackpot product?

Powered by Anthemetrics AI, our expert game data scientists will work with you and your teams to answer key questions, identify strategic opportunities or overcome challenges to ensure you get the most from your games and roadmaps.

Practical AI

Our Game Data Science products are designed to operate efficiently and simply, either in real time or in sync with your operations

Player Lifecycle

Analyse each player lifecycle stage including new, active, lapsed and dormant players

Measure & Monitor

Track the performance of your games and sites across geographies over time (acquisition, conversion, retention rates)


Generate data points to benchmark games and site performance at player level

Player Recommendations

Create player clusters using multiple gameplay behaviours to optimise insights and provide recommendations based on player profiles and values

Free Spins

Measure the spend and the long-term effect of promotional Free Spins at player level, while understanding the effect and ROI of campaigns on games and sites 


Understand player journeys and exit points on games so that you can make better placement and design decisions

Press Release

Big Time Gaming appoints Future Anthem as AI and data partner

Innovative pioneer of industry-leading slots, Big Time Gaming (BTG) has appointed Game Data Science specialist, Future Anthem, to enable deep player behavioural understanding to its hugely popular portfolio of game titles

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7 Ways to Get More from Your Casino Games

In a competitive marketplace, using Game Data Science to optimise your games is key to engaging and retaining players effectively and responsibly.

Listen closely to game data and you can compose the perfect plan to improve the player experience for all.

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