How we do it

Listening to your game data presents multiple, valuable improvement opportunities for the player experience.

But it can be hard. With hundreds of vendors, thousands of games and billions of spins, the amount of data you handle can become overwhelming.

We established Future Anthem to solve this challenge and offer a better experience for your players. 

By focusing on gameplay, we offer an alternative and valuable approach for operators and studios.

Player and Game Behavioural Science

Understanding gameplay through data is critical to creating an engaging and responsible player experience.

Our machine learning models run in production environments at scale, analysing game data to predict player and game behaviours in real time.

Using game data at scale our methodologies differ from typical approaches.  We go deep in to games.


The industry's first Game Data Science platform

Anthemetrics - our Game Data Science platform - finds patterns in game transactional data, using machine learning to measure and predict player and game behaviours in real time.

Its AI capabilities provide prediction and recommendation into strategic areas, helping you to identify growth opportunities and maximise revenues from your games, all while improving the player experience responsibly.

It’s a scalable and highly secure platform that ingests data in any format, publishing feeds directly into your production systems and games in real time. With interactive activity screens, your teams can gather quick, clear game insights.


Complete data integrity

Our platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, where we store the data you provide to us.

Anthemetrics processes no sensitive customer data - only transactions and player IDs. No data is hosted or processed on anyone's premises, but rather in Microsoft's European Azure servers, utilising all of Azure's security capabilities.

All data analysis and building of algorithms is carried out by Future Anthem team within the same Azure environment. Our data platform segregates client data, which means your data is never combined with any other client data.

Anthem Alive

Player level insights with interactive screens

Leveraging your Game Data for success can often depend on your team's ability to access and query data. With PowerBI, Anthemetrics offers a simple, affordable and intuitive way for games studios and casino operators to visualise and understand game and player behaviours.

Built upon solid foundations of a comprehensive data schema structured at a player-level, the interactive screens provide a quick and simple way to highlight performance and challenges across markets, games and players.

Anthem Action

Data driven professional services

Managing and growing a portfolio of games is becoming increasingly complex, particularly when considered alongside all your other priorities. Our Game Data Scientists work with you to optimise the performance of your games, helping you:

  • Predict player and game behaviours
  • Increase margins and bonus efficiency
  • Target improvements and challenges 
  • Stay ahead of the latest regulations

Your internal teams are busy.  You may not have enough game data expertise or capacity.  Let us complement your teams to accelerate your growth and improve the player experience.

Get the most from your games

We can help you optimise your games portfolio, increase player engagement and make better decisions in real time with machine learning and Game Data Science as Service.

Talk to us about:

  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Personalisation
  • Responsible gambling
  • Data-driven game design
  • Jackpot optimisation

Alternatively tell us about your opportunities or challenges and we'll bring new ideas, the latest technology and industry expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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