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Bet Limits for Online Slots:
Your Players are at Stake

It is well documented that the UK Government are committed to a complete overhaul of gambling regulation over the course of this Parliament. Regulators, meanwhile, have already issued far-reaching new guidance.

In this guide, Future Anthem details how operators and studios can assess, plan and mitigate the impact of potential stake limits on their existing portfolios and players. 

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Stake Limits – On the Horizon?

If we listen to the regulatory headwinds, it would seem that changes to the maximum allowable stake on online slot machines may be possible as part of a broad incoming wave of change.

Player & Revenue Impact

A proportion of players are likely to find that changes will make their gaming experience less entertaining. We estimate that many of this contingent will reduce their overall spend.

Seize the Initiative

Market leaders are proactively taking steps to position themselves to mitigate the impact of regulatory changes such as these. Are you applying a data-driven approach to regulatory developments?

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