The industry’s first Game Data Science Platform

Anthemetrics is built to securely transform the world of online gambling with the latest technology advancements in AI, Cloud and Game Data Science.

Built for scale, Anthemetrics ingests billions of gaming transactions across thousands of online games to transform, process, store and manage game data that delivers player predictions and game behaviours in real time and in-game.

Data on your terms

Connecting your data to Anthemetrics is designed to be quick and simple. We can seamlessly ingest your data, in any format, while providing a range of delivery mechanisms for outputs, from interactive dashboards to files to APIs.

We can publish data feeds back to your operating systems for real-time actions across marketing, CRM, onsite and offsite.


Measure and predict performance like never before

Anthemetrics finds patterns in games transactional data, using machine learning techniques, to measure and predict games performance, player value and engagement.

Its AI skills provide predictive analysis and insights on strategic areas to optimise your games portfolio by improving player engagement responsibly.

Scalable and secure by design

Built on Microsoft Azure, Anthemetrics ensures our customer's data is safeguarded through our layered approach to security.

Leveraging the integrated security, compliance and identity solutions from within Azure, gives you peace of mind that your data is always available and always secure.

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Game Data Science Products

Connecting human behaviour with data science to build a player centric universe that is enjoyable and sustainable


Retain players for longer with 1-2-1 player experiences across your gaming activities

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Customer Experience 

Proactively detect players at risk of problem gambling based on in-game betting behaviours

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Performance Optimisation 

Apply data to product design and operational decisions to optimise game performance

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