Real-time personalisation drives revenue growth and increases player retention. Join the race to real-time personalisation

Amplifier AI enables leading sports operators to personalise the player experience

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Personalise every step of the player journey in real-time

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Acquire better players for less

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Personalisation that retains players for longer

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Engage players with sustainable experiences

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See how players really play

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Personalisation that retains players for longer

Predict & respond to churn in real-time

24% of those at risk can be recovered

Drive revenue by improving the speed and accuracy that marketing can engage with customers who are at risk of leaving your business

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Real-time predictions: Predictions are made in real-time as each bet is settled — 84% model accuracy

Real-time bonus: Every prediction provide a contextual reason code to enable marketing teams to build tailored player messages — 99% quicker churn prediction



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Audience identifier

Engage the right customers in real-time

Real-time audience identifier gives you the ability to create custom audiences in the moments that matter

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Value playback

Engage customers with real-time data

Tell personalised stories to your players with data led marketing content

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Bet recommendations

Increase engagement with personalised content

Recommending the right bet for every customer to increase engagement & retention

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We'll soon be launching the following Amplifier AI modules to our sports customers


Acquire better players for less

Increase ROI, Optimise CPA

Target profitable players with lookalike profiles to deliver greater ROI through optimised ad campaigns

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AI driven lookalike audiences: Amplifier AI identifies and profiles your players who deliver you long term value

Optimised acquisition: Identify a target CPA and ad content for each lookalike audience that drives your acquisition campaigns



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Real-time personalised RG monitoring

72% quicker identification

React in real-time to risky player behaviours within each session

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Personalised risk monitoring of every session: Amplifier AI's real-time personalised risk monitoring means customer’s player behaviour is used as a baseline for risk — not a rules based system

Real-time interventions: Amplifier AI offers configurable feeds that can be integrated to deliver real-time player messages






See how players really play

30% of players account for 90% of bets

Understand the player behaviour that drives your revenue

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Data where you need it: Mobile optimised or automated presentations across every event and player

Competition comparison: Monitor and compare events that are driving your revenue, in one easy to use view



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Personalisation in 3 simple steps

How it works


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Real-time personalisation in action

Future Anthem launches real-time sports personalisation with market leader STS

Data and AI specialist evolves the sports betting experience following landmark personalisation partnership.

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Learn how to drive revenue growth & increase player retention

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Frequently Asked Questions


What data is required?

Anthem will require mandate access to all betting transactions and optional access to price feed, bonus transactions and deposit transactions. Our team of onboarding experts will be on hand to help you understand the most efficient and secure way to get this to us.

How does pricing work?

Amplifier AI is tiered according to the volume of your data. This means that operators of all sizes can instantly realise value. During your demo, your specialist will walk you through the options available to you.

Can I see a demo?

We'd love to show you the power of Amplifier AI. Use the meeting form at the above to book your 30-minute demo.

Who do you work with?

Amplifier AI is enjoyed by some of the world's most innovative operators including STS. Check out our customer page to learn more about our success stories.

Is my data secure?

The integrity of your data is paramount to us. For this reason, we chose Microsoft Azure as our platform provider because of its uncompromising approach to security and privacy. For more details of our security posture, please click here.

How long does it take to get live?

Our team of experts will work with you to ensure you start extracting value in as little as 3-4 weeks.