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Future Anthem combines data, technology and professional services to offer Game Data Science as a Service to the global gambling industry.

Our products analyse, understand, and predict how players engage with games, while our solutions empower operators and games studios to optimise their content portfolios in real-time.

The Anthem team believes that understanding gameplay with a data lens is fundamental to providing an engaging and responsible player experience. We aim to help our customers grow responsibly in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Listen. Act. Optimise.

Leveraging your game data to optimise your games portfolio should be top of your list of priorities.
Anthem’s Game Data Science solutions work for operators and studios, driving intelligent actions in real time.

Listen to your data

Take real-time actions

Optimise for improvements

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With our automated real-time feeds that span game recommendations and promotions to target players intelligently, operators and studios can improve portfolio performance and player engagement responsibly.

  • Personalise and improve the player experience for everyone
  • React in real-time to a player's likelihood of exit
  • Retain players for longer by removing friction in the player journey
  • Recommend the right game at the right time
  • Target your promotions efficiently

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Anthem Amplifier

Portfolio optimisation

Anthemetrics (read more) uses game data to provide a detailed understanding of player behaviours on games, markets, and brands, predicting and optimising game values, player behaviours, game journeys, Free Spins, game engagement, play frequency amongst other factors.

Increase player retention and game engagement to grow market share in a competitive market.

  • Reduce free spins leakage and target players intelligently
  • Reduce friction in player journeys with the right game paths
  • Understand player behaviours to optimise game play
  • Optimise your portfolio proactively in real time

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Anthem Safer Play

Responsible gambling

Anthem’s responsible gambling solution Safer Play uses machine learning to improve online gambling safety for players, operators, and studios with the gambling industry’s first independent solution to proactively detect in-session wagering behaviours that indicate the Markers of Harm.

With bet-level data, Future Anthem provides an in-depth assessment of play patterns to equip and augment your teams’ capability to detect risks, directly from in game activity in real time.

  • Proactively identify players at risk or becoming at risk
  • Intervene before harmful play happens
  • Remove players at risk from promotions and communications
  • Identify how games and features affect the risk of problem gambling behaviours

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Anthem Inside

Data-driven design

Future Anthem delivers a data driven approach to game design, leveraging game and player data to identify the optimum player traits and features for game design, targeted at specific customer groups and categories.

At the same time, take a responsible approach to game design by understanding which features drive the Markers of Harm and problem gambling.

Get the most from your investments and roadmaps by using game data to maximise your chances of success.

  • More effective and efficient game design
  • Proactively respond to player needs and requirements
  • Improve operator take-up, game launches and game sales
  • Identify how games and features affect the risk of problem gambling behaviours

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Anthem Inside

Mitigating the Impact of Online Stake Limits

Anthem has the solution for operators and games studios who are seeking to assess and mitigate the impact of online stake limits.

Our machine learning models identify affected players, potential revenue losses for the casino or studio, but also projections by theme, feature and game cluster, as well as the network loss for individual games.

Anthem’s Game Data Science approach analyses billions of spins to recommend the optimal games mix post stake limits, and which game parameters will best retain players and revenues.

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Anthem Inside

Jackpot optimisation

Get the most from your jackpot games by using game data to optimise jackpot engagement, profitability and player retention post pay out.

We take a statistical approach to modelling jackpot seeds and contributions to recommend the optimum financial construct of your jackpot games, whilst our player behavioural models identify and delineate how jackpot players interact with your jackpot games to fine tune jackpot promotions both in real-time and dynamically based on pot sizes.

  • Retain jackpot players post pay-out
  • Optimise the profitability of your jackpot portfolio
  • Dynamically market jackpots to players who like jackpot games

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