Bets/ Stake/ Wager

Daily Bets: median daily player stake on a game

Total Bets: sum of stakes


Bonus Spins

Bonus spins are assigned to players to encourage more spins. It is the same as Promotional Free spins 



Future Anthem splits players into groups using behavioral clustering (unsupervised learning models). Player behavior is assessed across a variety of attributes including daily game sessions, total spins, total stakes, bonus stakes, and session length.

Anthem uses this method to cluster players by game, by day, to provide a consistent framework, and to compare games.


Daily Active Players (DAP)

Daily distinct player count



Gross Gaming Revenue

Formula: Total Stakes – Total Payouts


High-Value Clusters

High-Value players do not usually play as many spins as High-Value Multi Session clusters, however, they place bets of similar average size. They contribute the most to total GGR and NGR due to their sheer player volume, and usually have second highest RTP 


High-Value Multi-Session Clusters

High-Value Multi Session players tend to have the highest number of rounds, sessions, highest bet value, and highest RTP. They are termed multi-session for playing multiple sessions of the same game per day 


Hit Rate

Formula: (spins with payout > 0)/ total spins


Key Performance Indicator

A quantifiable measure of performance over time for a specific objective. For example, revenue.  


Low-Value Players

Low-value players have the lowest contribution to all the metrics compared to other clusters 


Mid-Value Multi-Session Players

Mid Value Multi-session players play fewer rounds than High-Value clusters, place smaller daily bets, have smaller session lengths and less RTP than the High-Value clusters and play multiple sessions of one or more games. 


Mid-Value Players

Mid-Value players play even fewer rounds than Mid-Value Multi-Session players, place smaller bets, or have similar session lengths but usually play one session for the respective game. 


Monthly Active Players (MAP)

Monthly distinct player count


Month Till Date (MTD)

Month Till Date (MTD) stands for values on the latest day of the current month. For example, a column for GGR Month Till Date will show the GGR values accumulated until the current day of the month.  


Net Revenue

Net Revenue

Formula: GGR – Promotional Free Spins Payouts


New/Retained Player

New Players: players within their 10 days of tenure (current date – registration date)

Retained Players: all the rest


Operator Opportunity 

This page in Optimise allows studios to see the total bets placed for each game, for each operator. Values are only shown for games that have been released. 


Player Retention Rate

Retention rates are derived from a weekly cohort analysis. The analysis considers the return of players on the same game, from the first time the player plays a game.

Standard retention KPIs shown in the report are:

  • W1 retention: average retention rate 1 week across all cohorts
  • W4 retention: average retention rate 4 weeks across all cohorts
  • W8 retention: average retention rate 8 weeks across all cohorts


Promotional Free Spins

Total promotional free spins stakes


Real Money Bets

Total Bets placed without considering bonus bets. 


Real Spins

Total spins without counting bonus spins.  


Real Stakes

Stakes placed without bonus stakes. 



Daily Rounds: median daily player spins on a game

Total Rounds: total number of spins



Return to Player (actual)

Formula: Total Payouts /Total Stakes



Game-session, i.e. if a player plays three different games consecutively we classify them as three different sessions. For the purpose of reporting, the sessions end after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Daily sessions: median daily player sessions on a game


Session Length

Median player session length


Spin Banding

In Optimise, we observe certain KPIs by their volume within specified ranges of spins, or bands of spins. For example, total spins can be arranged into the following bands: <5. 5-20. 20-50. Spin banding allows us to observe how much stakes were placed for these bands for each game.  


Same Period Last Month (SPLM)

Same period last month. For example, the GGR SPLM column will show GGR values on the same day of the month, but last month.  


Stake Banding

In Optimise, we observe certain KPIs by their volume within specified ranges of stakes, or bands of stakes. For example, total stakes can be arranged into the following bands: < £5, £5-20, £20-50. Stake banding allows us to observe KPIs, such as the volume of players who placed bets, within these ranges.  



Tourists contribute the least in terms of NGR and GGR, playing on average one session, placing the smallest daily bets, and tending to have the lowest RTP. But tend to be slightly higher than Low-Value players. 



Player distinct count


Win Rate

Formula: (spins with payout > stake)/ total spins


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